Punching the Plastic Door Panels

We can produce not only tools for die-casting from light alloys. Based on the customer’s request, we have designed and manufactured a device for punching the plastic door panels. The device is equipped with a barcode reader for communication with the MES system and, of course, also with the necessary security features (light barrier, monitoring handling openings, etc.). Machine cycle is within 5 sec (total operation time including insertion and removal of the part within 20 sec).

Trimming Tool with Integrated Milling Unit

The ingate system leads from the bottom of the casting and the burr remained about 7mm after standard trimming process. The customer’s request was to remove the burr to a maximum of 0.3mm in the trimming tool for further machining of the bearing surface. Complete cutting time up to 60 sec. For this purpose, a special four-spindle milling head was mounted in the tool, the movement into the cut is ensured by a hydraulic cylinder, which was equipped with a divider of the pressure liquid stream to ensure stable operation.